About Samantha




7 years ago...

I began the first leg of my own journey of Fertility Awareness Based Women's Health as a student lobbyist at the United Nations Commission on the Status of women.  Immediately, I was drawn into the profession; the "passion" bug bit.  Since that week, I have actively advocated for education and empowerment of women in regards to their health.

As a labor and delivery nurse by practice, a FertilityCare Practitioner through extracurricular training, and a student Nurse Midwife + WHNP at Georgetown University, I have the opportunity to walk with many women and couples in their own journey of health and fertility.  Volumes of stories could be written about what I've had the honor to participate in: birth stories, speaking engagements with adolescents, intimate personal conversations, experiences of infertility and infant loss, stories of adoption, friends and colleagues who've had unfortunate experiences with hormonal and long-acting contraceptives, couples preparing for marriage and planning families . . . the list is endless.  The truth that these experiences revealed is that every story and phase in a woman's life carries great significance.  The story a woman's body reveals is an equally important one to listen to and be a part of.

A "Fifth Vital Sign"

What I have learned in the past seven years is that the menstrual cycle directly correlates with a woman's total health.  In more concrete terms, your menstrual cycle and fertility are an important vital sign of your health and wellness.

As women, we intuitively know the intricacies of our bodies and when something is "just not right."  Accompanied by a new knowledge about fertility and hormonal wellness, the combination of your intuition and education set you in the driver's seat of your healthcare decisions.  This is a gold standard of women's healthcare.

the Vision

With personal experience in the full reproductive lifespan, I hope this space provides you with two specific things:    EMPOWERMENT   +   CONNECTION.  

My goal is for you to confidently own knowledge about your body and fertility.  This empowers you as an individual and in conversations with your healthcare providers.  By learning your personal cycle, you will possess a thorough knowledge to make informed choices about your health and fertility.

If you're anything like me, beginning a new endeavor doesn't always work well when you're taking the first steps alone.  As a Creighton Model practitioner, I work one-on-one with clients to establish connection and personalized care.  On the resource page, you will find links to information and to providers and networks that you can connect with to grow your health community!  

Get to Know Samantha

In 2016, my wonderful husband received word to report to his duty station in sunny San Diego, CA.  Natives of Atlanta, GA, we packed up our Southern roots and trekked across the country, toting our belongings and my passion for women's health and wellness along with us.  We quickly learned to call San Diego "home!"  As a family, we love exploring our new city, are active members in our church and local community, and are always up for spending time with our Southern California military family here on the West Coast.

Want to know more about my personal story of health and my experience with Fertility Awareness Based Methods and NFP?  Look out for posts and contact me about anything that may pique your curiosity!  We have so much to talk about!  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.